Active Stillness….A space where you are given the opportunity to be genuinely supported, heard, empowered and guided by an experienced and kind professional.

Founder and Owner, Victoria Breheny offers Crystal & Energy healing, Astrological readings, Intuitive counselling and Spiritual guidance.

Victoria has a incredible ability to ‘read her clients energy’ and is a renowned and cherished healer, within Australia. Having been actively offering her support and guidance as a qualified healing professional for the past 18 years, Victoria is a wealth of wisdom and knowledge. Each and every session allows for insights and healing on many levels.

” My interest and passion as a practitioner, lies in empowerment as well as emotional links to illnesses. I see myself as a valuable instrument in my client’s life; a person who offers warmth, inspiration, wisdom and kindness, to promote healing and transformation on a deep level. .”


Victoria specialises in helping people who may be feeling any number of the following:

  • A lost sense of self
  • Unworthy or undervalued
  • Drained / low energy /flat & tired
  • Stressed and Anxious
  • In a transition time of their life
  • Over-stretched / rushed – no time for self
  • Hormonally unstable / irritable or irrational
  • Exhausted
  • In Pain
  • Overwhelmed / hopeless / confused
  • Emotional / sad / discontented
  • Lost / unsure of their true purpose


Whether acute or chronic, any condition or symptom you are experiencing, is a message from your body, that it is out of balance.  The longer it is left unaddressed, the louder the message will become; unless together we listen, support and re-balance your energy, body, spirit and lifestyle.


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