Active Stillness….A space where you are given the opportunity to be genuinely supported, heard, empowered and guided by an experienced and kind professional.

An opportunity to be still…to invite some lightness…to listen to your inner voice without judgement. An empowering choice to reconnect with the self.

Founder and Owner, Victoria Breheny warmly encourages her clients to understand the possible story, pain and drama they may find themselves in, and, together, create a way out.

Through intuitive readings, crystal therapy, body consciousnesses, visualization, herbal medicine, reiki, tarot and sound therapy, each session allows for insights and healing on many levels.

“My work as a Naturopath, Energetic Healer/Guide and Spiritual Medium stems from my ability to encourage people to return to the heart of themselves. I see myself as a valuable instrument in my client’s life; a person who offers warmth, inspiration, wisdom and kindness, to promote healing and transformation on a deep level.

My interest and passion as a practitioner, lies in emotional links to illness; whilst also encouraging clients to reclaim a sense of connection with their bodies and its messages, symptoms and energies. “


Victoria specialises in helping people who may be feeling any number of the following:

  • A lost sense of self
  • Unworthy or undervalued
  • Drained / low energy /flat & tired
  • Stressed and Anxious
  • In a transition time of their life
  • Over-stretched / rushed – no time for self
  • Hormonally unstable / irritable or irrational
  • Exhausted
  • In Pain
  • Overwhelmed / hopeless / confused
  • Emotional / sad / discontented
  • Lost / unsure of their true purpose


Whether acute or chronic, any condition or symptom you are experiencing, is a message from your body, that it is out of balance.  The longer it is left unaddressed, the louder the message will become; unless together we listen, support and re-balance your energy, body, spirit and lifestyle.


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The moment has come for you to make the time for yourself you deserve and give your body the opportunity to thrive.