Active Stillness….A space in the Byron Bay Hinterland where you are given the opportunity to take some time for self evolution, reflection & connection.

Gently pausing from the loud external world, allowing yourself to be supported and guided by an experienced and kind professional.

 Victoria Breheny offers Personalised Astrology readings, Intuitive sessions & Spiritual guidance.

Victoria (or Tory as know by her clients ) has an incredible intuitive ability to read energy and connect wholeheartedly and warmly in every session or reading she offers.

Her unique gift in interpreting Astrology charts offers the wisdom of spirit through ancient symbols and guidance from universal rhythms. Marrying intellectual knowing with sacred understanding.

“Astrology is a language of symbols, numbers and angles, Tory translates like no other I have encountered. Her astrology knowledge is outstanding, the application is deeply personal each time, and when she digs down to the roots of the situation to explain and decipher the symbols on your chart, you will be amazed.” J. Mitchell

” My interest and passion as a practitioner, lies in empowerment. Cultivating a true, inner knowing of the self. A home coming to the heart and spirit. A returning to the truest core essence of self. ‘Bowing the intelligence of the mind to the true knowing of the heart.’ 

I see myself as a valuable guide in my client’s life; a person who offers warmth, inspiration, wisdom and kindness, to promote healing, transformation and understanding on a deep level. “


Once a month just prior to the New Moon, Victoria facilitates a gathering in the Byron Bay Hinterland of NSW to honour and celebrate the energies of the upcoming New Moon.  A Circle of woman coming together to share intentions, raise their frequency and flow with the rhythms of nature and the cosmos.  

These circles are created outside on the land (weather permitting) and consist of empowering Astrological information, shared offerings, meditation, crystals and light.

This is a sacred and powerful connectivity between like minded woman, and new comers are always welcome. Please contact Victoria if you feel you would like to attend.

A little about Victoria…

Victoria is a qualified, dedicated and enthusiastic practitioner.

It is her curiosity and unquenchable thirst for all things spiritual, magical and natural, that has led her to achieve a Bachelor of Health science in Naturopathy, Advanced Diplomas in both Nutrition and Herbal Medicine, as well as post graduate studies in Astrology, Reiki, Native American Healing techniques, Medical Intuition and Kinesiology and apply them to her business – Active Stillness.

Each and every session and connection allows for insights and healing on many levels.

Contact Victoria Breheny at Active Stillness