Welcome to Active Stillness. My philosophy is a simple one –When we are kind to our bodies, they are kind to us. When we listen to our bodies messages, and learn to understand what they are saying through symptoms – long term health can be achieved. 

I specialise in supporting people to restore their innate health and vitality, facilitate body awareness, reconnect with their bodies own wisdom, and manage/eradicate their symptoms.

By visiting Active Stillness you will discover safe natural alternatives to help alleviate your symptoms and find effective solutions to manage their underlying causes so they become a thing of the past. 

In this day and age we now live in, many people are sadly feeling:

  • Drained / low energy
  • Stressed and Anxious
  • On a constant adrenaline rush
  • Over-stretched / rushed
  • Fatigued/ exhausted
  • Overwhelmed
  • Emotional

The modern day Human is dramatically out of balance.

Have you ever stopped to think – What impact your current health is having on your everyday living?

No energy to get up in the morning? Poor dietary choices? Overwhelmed with day to day demands?  Anxious, stressed and moody? Constantly ‘coming down with something?’ Unable to wind down and get a full nights sleep? Uncomfortable digestive symptoms?           

Bloated, Cranky, Stressed, Tired AND Wired! 


Many people hope, if they ignore them, their symptoms might just go away…

However, what if the body was gently trying to communicate with you? What if by ignoring these subtle messages, the body has no choice but to make them louder and more aggressive?

Have you ever stopped to think what message your body is trying to tell you?

Whether acute or chronic, any condition or symptom you are experiencing, is a message from your body, that it is out of balance.  The longer it is left unaddressed, the louder the message will become; unless together we listen, support and re-balance your energy, body and lifestyle.

Victoria Breheny is a qualified and experienced naturopath, herbal medicine practitioner, and energetic guide. She has achieved post graduate studies in Reiki, Medical Intuition and Kinesiology and is passionate about allowing her clients to embrace and enjoy their lives.

Victoria is also a children’s author and her latest book The Incredible Edible Garden is now available for purchase – please email Victoria directly to inquire.

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The moment has come for you to make the time for yourself you deserve and give your body the opportunity to thrive.


Each month a percentatge of Active Stillness’ profits are donated to an incredible organisation – Destiny Rescue.

Destiny Rescue is an internationally recognized Aid and Development oganisation existing to end child sexual slavery and extreme poverty. This incredible charity rescues children out of sexual slavery and restores their lives to prepare them for brand new futures.   www.destinyrescue.org






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