Active Stillness….A space where you are given the opportunity to be genuinely supported, heard, empowered and guided by an experienced and kind professional.

Founder and Owner, Victoria Breheny offers Astrological readings, Intuitive sessions, Spiritual guidance and Healing.

Victoria (or Tory as known by her clients) has an incredible intuitive ability to read energy and is a renowned and cherished healer across Australia.

” My interest and passion as a practitioner, lies in empowerment and cultivating a true knowing of the self. A home coming to the heart. I see myself as a valuable guide in my client’s life; a person who offers warmth, inspiration, wisdom and kindness, to promote healing, transformation and understanding on a deep level. “

A little about Victoria…

Victoria is a qualified, dedicated and enthusiastic practitioner. It is her curiosity and unquenchable thirst for all things spiritual, magical and natural, that has led her to achieve a Bachelor of Health science in Naturopathy as well as post graduate studies in Astrology, Reiki, Medical Intuition, Native American Healing techniques and Kinesiology and apply them to her business – Active Stillness.

Having been actively offering her support and guidance as a qualified healing professional for the past 18 years, Victoria is a wealth of wisdom and knowledge. Each and every session allows for insights and healing on many levels.

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