Welcome to Active Stillness, where our philosophy is a simple one…

When we are kind to our bodies, they are kind to us. When we take a moment to be Actively Still, and truly listen to the deepest parts of ourselves, miracles are possible. 

‘Whilst my foundation lies in Naturopathy having practiced for over 13 years, I specialise in integrating vibrational and energetic medicine to complement the healing process. I offer heart felt support for people wanting to restore their innate health and vitality and begin to see their own greatness once more.’

By facilitating body awareness and encouraging people to reconnect with their bodies and spirits own wisdom, Victoria has achieved enormous success in empowering clients to become the best versions of themselves..


In this day and age we now live in, many people are sadly feeling:

  • Drained / low energy /flat
  • Stressed and Anxious
  • On a constant adrenaline rush
  • Over-stretched / rushed
  • Hormonally unstable
  • Fatigued/ exhausted / in pain
  • Overwhelmed / hopeless / confused
  • Emotional / sad / discontented
  • Lost / unsure of their true purpose

What impact is your current health or stress levels having on your everyday living?

The modern day Human is dramatically out of balance and many people hope, that if they ignore their symptoms, they might just go away…

However, what if the body was gently trying to communicate with you? What if by ignoring these subtle ( and sometimes not so subtle!) messages, the body has no choice but to make them louder and more aggressive?

Have you ever stopped to think what message your body is trying to tell you?

Whether acute or chronic, any condition or symptom you are experiencing, is a message from your body, that it is out of balance.  The longer it is left unaddressed, the louder the message will become; unless together we listen, support and re-balance your energy, body, spirit and lifestyle.

Meet Victoria ( Tory)  Breheny…

Victoria is a qualified and experienced Naturopath, herbal medicine practitioner, energetic guide & crystal healer. She has achieved post graduate studies in Reiki, Medical Intuition, Native American Healing techniques and Kinesiology and is passionate about allowing her clients to embrace and enjoy their lives – on all levels.

Victoria has been actively offering her support and guidance as a qualified healing professional for the past 13 years and feels she is only just getting started…

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The moment has come for you to make the time for yourself you deserve and give your body the opportunity to thrive.