The universal language of the solar system

Embraced and used by various cultures across the globe, Astrology and the study of the planets has been guiding humans for thousands of years.

Astrology offers a snap shot of the solar system at the time of your birth – a window into the planetary activity and conversations at the moment you entered the world. From this, your astrological blue print can be created, allowing insight into your ‘Inner Sky.’

A Natal chart reveals a unique and personalized map of your souls intention. Firstly looking at your Sun, Moon and Rising signs and then exploring out into the wider realms of all planets, inclusive of past life energies and influences.

Interpreting and understanding your chart allows access to your potential, your gifts, your patterns, your inherent nature and also your challenges in this lifetime.

Using this information is an incredible tool in assisting you to navigate your life path from an empowering perspective.

Astrology is in no way fortune telling – rather a validation and hand book to your feelings and life path. To ‘play our chart well’ is to find joy, peace, self acceptance and personal power.

If you are interested in a chart reading, you will need to provide your birth date, time and place.

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