Energy Sessions

An energetic healing session at Active Stillness, offers people the opportunity to be still and take some time to listen to their inner voice and hearts.

Working with Victoria during the session, is a powerful, yet gentle transformation, in which you are able to release what has been stored within areas of the body and create a renewed sense of awareness and wellness.

Throughout the session, Victoria’s kind and gentle manner allows her clients the sacred space to reflect on their souls evolution and encourages them to shed what no longer serves them, in order to become the best versions of themselves.

Calm. Centered. Worthy. Vibrant.

Healing has occurred in the world for thousands of years. Physically, herbal medicine,lifestyle, diet and nutrition are wonderful for supporting the cells, muscles, bones and organs of the body.

However, humans are far more complex than just their physical form.

We are all energetic beings. We all contain a spiritual ‘pulse,’ a life force that relates to our chakras, our meridians, our soul and our aura. 

As with our physical body, if our spiritual / energetic body is out of balance we will begin to feel/sense/create symptoms.

Take for example, this basic scenario. A client presents, at surface level, with a painful right shoulder, wanting nothing more than to be pain free. However, what if that sore shoulder and heart chakra was desperately trying to get some attention? What if this injury told an ongoing story that the masculine / yang qualities were disproportionate, and excessive responsibilities and burdens were being held in this area of the body?

What if, underneath this physical pain, was an emotional component whereby the client was feeling overwhelmed, distrustful, constantly needing to protect and armour their heart, insecure and easily hurt.

I could prescribe as many herbal supplements as I wanted, which would help to a degree of course, but until this repetitive story that was playing on repeat, in this client’s energy field was addressed more deeply, that shoulder has the potential of becoming a reoccurring issue.

Our thoughts become our biology, our energy can become our ailments and our ignorance can become our ill-health.

It is Victoria’s belief that every physical ailment we create within our bodies, stems from an imbalance in our energetic field. 


Dependent on the clients needs, an energy session at Active Stillness may contain the use of one or all of the following:

  • Reiki
  • Crystal Healing
  • Kinesiology tools
  • Communication with spirit
  • Body Consciousness / communication
  • Native American Healing techniques
  • Medical Intuition
  • Essences / essential oils
  • Visualisation  / guided meditation
  • Sound / Vibrational Healing ,

Victoria’s approach is gentle, respectful and at all times nurturing to ensure the process of learning to understand your own energetic self is facilitated with ease and grace.

During these energy sessions, clients may either lie on a massage table ( fully clothed) or remain seated and at all times is communicated with and is made to feel comfortable.

Through the’ ah ha’ moments of self discovery, a great sense of peace and balance can be achieved.