Welcoming the universal language of the solar system, to guide us, as we journey on Earth.

Evolutionary Astrology offers us a window into the map of our souls evolution

“I feel amazing after my reading Tory. My heart has never had so much say in my life. I can’t  thank you enough. ” Jess, Federal NSW

Our Astrological birth charts are one of the most powerful allies to have in our pocket as we navigate this earth. The more you delve into a chart, the more layers you see…🌙

“The purpose of life is to discover your gift; the work of life is to develop it; and the meaning of life is to share your gift with others” — David Viscott.

Natal Chart Reading

Each of us comes into this world with our very own unique blueprint – a soul map of potentiality.

Your birth chart is a splash of individuated and personalised frequency, offering a snap shot of the planetary activity and conversations occurring at the moment you entered the world.

A birth chart allows insight into your souls purpose and potential. How you play your ‘hand’ of energy is completely up to you…. the frequency of the chart is quite simply, a most magnificent guide and map, ready to be utilised.

Interpreting and understanding your Astrology natal chart allows access to your evolution, your gifts, your patterns, your inherent nature and also your main lessons this lifetime.

As many a client has commented – ‘it is like having secret intel from the universe’, which can be harnessed to expand and blossom your spirit and purpose throughout your lifetime.

Please Note : It is a pre re-requisite in my offerings that you have had your natal chart reading done with me before you can book in a forecast reading.

This is because in order to understand how the planets / transits and progressions are influencing you currently, it is vital to have a deep insight into your innate potentials, gifts and challenges – the foundation of who you are.

I have attempted in the past to simply offer forecast readings, but the energy is one dimensional and falls flat without the basis of a true understanding of the self – for both yourself and me.

Forecast Reading

Having come to understand in depth your own birth chart, it can be incredibly powerful to marry it together with the current energies of the solar system. 

A forecast reading offers you insight into the coming 12 months, delving into where in your life the focus, energy and teachings will be.

Posing the question,  What lies in the planets teachings for you personally, in the year ahead, and in what area of your life will this become most prevalent?

For example Transiting Jupiter in the 10th house can speak of opportunity and expansion in career, vocation or work etc. 

An Astrology forecast reading is a wonderful tool to assess how the planets, as they currently move through the sky, are triggering, awakening and aligning with your unique birth chart. Supporting you to grow and shine as brightly as possible. 

Astrology is in no way fortune telling – rather a validation and hand book to your feelings and life path. To ‘navigate our chart well’ is to find joy, fulfilment, self acceptance and personal power.

If you are interested in a reading, you will need to provide your birth date, time and place. Bookings are usually at least two weeks in advance as Tory likes to spend anywhere between 2-4 hours interpreting, analysing and feeling into each chart, before meeting for the session. A 50% deposit is required at the time of your booking.

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Here is a little 4 min video Tory created in 2022, discussing Pre Natal Eclipses – something to awaken your Astrological interest…. : )


Tory achieved a Certificate in Astrology from the Sydney Astrology School, graduating in 2019.