Ready to book an Astrology Reading or Spiritual Guidance Session with Victoria? 

Have a read below for availability and simply click on the link to book online or contact Active Stillness directly via email.


 Victoria is available by appointment only, on the following days.

Wednesday  12pm – 5:00pm

Thursday 9am – 3:00pm

Friday 8am – 3:00pm

Alternate Saturdays 9am – 12pm

For those who are interstate/international or prefer to have sessions from the privacy of your own home, Victoria also offers consultations via distance using Zoom/Face time/Phone. 


Visit online booking : please note, payment is not required at the time of booking, but will be required 24 hours prior to your consultation.


Phone: 0413 136 602

An Exciting note ! Each month a % of income from consultations is donated to supporting the Environment and Nature. Through recognised organisations and charities, such as Sea Shepherd & Rainforest Trust, Active Stillness is aligned with re-wilding the earth and supporting all of its animals and their habitats. 

Nestled in the Byron Bay Hinterland, Victoria’s Studio is ready to welcome you.


* 90 minute Natal Chart Reading – $160

 90 minute Verbal Natal Chart Reading

How is your unique soul map guiding you to evolve ?

* 90 minute Forecasting Astrology Session – $180

What lies in the planets teachings for you in the year ahead?

Looking at three different charts – Transits / Progressions / Solar Arcs – An in-depth and personalised interpretation & reading of what is being highlighted for you at this time.

(This session can only be booked if you have previously had a Natal Chart Reading)


60 min Intuitive Energy Session/ Reading – $130

* 90 min Intuitive Energy Session / Reading – $160