A little about Victoria…

Victoria is a qualified, dedicated and enthusiastic practitioner – an expert in her field. Her ability to use her intuition, insight and wisdom to understand each of her clients unique energy picture is powerful and profound.

It is her curiosity and unquenchable thirst for all things spiritual and natural, that has led her to achieve a bachelor of health sciences in Naturopathy as well as post graduate studies in Reiki, Medical Intuition, Native American Healing techniques and Kinesiology and apply them to her business – Active Stillness. Currently she is studying Evolutionary Astrology.

Victoria is a renowned and cherished healer and has been actively offering her support and guidance as a qualified healing professional for the past 18 years.

Working with Victoria is a deep, yet gentle transformation, in which you are able to release  and understand what has been stored within areas of the body.  To create a renewed sense of awareness and wellness. To walk away feeling centered, light, peaceful and calm.


Whether you feel to have a Naturopathic consultation,  Energy and Crystal Healing session, Intuitive body reading or choose from one of the Healing Bundles, Victoria is available by appointment only on the following days.

Tuesday 10am – 5pm at The Byron MedicineWheel

Wednesday & Friday 9am – 3:30pm in Bangalow

Saturday 9am – 12pm in Bangalow

For those who are interstate or prefer to have sessions from the privacy of your own home, Victoria also offers consultations via Skype/Face time

Please contact Active Stillness for any queries or to make an appointment.

Phone: 0413 136 602


60 min Intuitive Energy session/reading =  $120

90 min Intuitive Energy Session /reading = $160

60 min Initial Naturopathic Consultation = $120

30 min follow up Naturopathic Consultation = $70

If you are a local to the Byron Shire – please take $10 off the individual prices of sessions!


VIBRATION PACKAGE  – Nurture yourself with a comprehensive Naturopathic session, learning and discovering how to best physically support your being, using Herbal Medicine, Nutrition and Diet. Followed by a guided meditation and sound bath – allowing the sound of singing bowls, chimes, toning and chants to melt away any tension or stagnant energy. Finally – allow your hands – the symbol of receptivity –  to soften and receive a nourishing massage.  Available only for face to face clients. 

Includes : 1hr Naturopathy consult / 1hr Guided Meditation and Sound bath / 20 min hand massage.

2.5 hrs – $200

CRYSTAL PACKAGE –  Awaken your best self with a comprehensive Naturopathic session, learning and discovering how to best physically support your being with Herbal Medicine, Nutrition and Diet.Followed by an Intuitive crystal Healing where these precious rocks will be placed on and around your body, sharing insights and balancing your vibration. Finally, allow the spirit world to communicate with a mediumship reading. 

Includes: 1hr Naturopathy Consult / 1 hr Crystal Healing  & Mediumship reading

2 hrs – $180

VITALITY PACKAGE  – Enrich yourself with a comprehensive Naturopathic session, learning and discovering how to best physically support your being using Herbal Medicine, Nutrition and Diet.. Followed by hands on healing & Reiki including chakra balancing to energetically align, center and ground yourself. Finally – allow your whole being to be cleansed by the ancient ritual of space clearing using grandfather sage, palo santo and essential oils.

Includes: 1 hr Naturopathy consult / 1 hr Chakra Balance & Reiki / 20 minute space clearing

2.5hrs – $200

DIVINE FEMININE PACKAGE  – Embrace your inner beauty and re connect with the superb true essence of being female.Allow yourself to be completely nurtured.  Strengthen your Yin energies and breathe in balance, kindness, softness and empowerment. Soak up the restorative and gentle qualities of crystals, allow sacred sound, guided visualisations and sacred geometry wisdom to anchor you into your true vibration of the goddess – all from the comfort of a warm cocoon of blankets.  

Includes : 2 hour pampering energy healing – encompassing yin/yang balance, sound, crystals, visualisations and meditation as well as an angel card reading. 

2 hrs – $180



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