There is no greater compliment than gratitude and kindness shared from others… From Clients near and far, local to the Northern Rivers NSW and Interstate, these lovely testimonials have found their way back to Active Stillness.

“Thank you so much for my amazing reading. It feels like a golden orchestra playing in the background of my life. Very excited to see what the universe brings!” L.W 

” You are a beautiful spokesperson for the Stars Tory. ”  L.R

“Tory, what an amazing reading that was yesterday. So much to process  – thank you so very much.” Suzie

“I’ve loved both my sessions with you Tory – they’ve been deeply validating and uplifting. I feel more connected to my true self, open and at ease.” Meagn S.

A reading with Tory will enlighten your body, mind and soul. She articulates the planets with such poise and realness, all the while providing you access to your destiny written into the stars to live out your highest potential. 

I left my readings from Tory feeling lighter, inspired, with the ability to take action and heal. Knowing what I have been through and moving towards is indeed what I am destined to do!

Do not hesitate to have a reading, you will truly be seen, heard and guided! – Dr. Kayli

“Thank you for your work, you really are appreciated and such a strong guiding light for the collective.” Annon

“Meeting Tory at our monthly women’s circle, it is immediately apparent we are in the presence of a leader.  A leader who expresses her craft with passion, commitment, deep curiosity, and a definite previous mastery in the esoteric. Sweetly packaged into a petite, compassionate yet strong person, that is Tory.

Her astrology knowledge is outstanding, the application is deeply personal each time, and when she digs down to the roots of the situation to explain and decipher the symbols on your chart, you will be amazed. Astrology is a language of symbols, numbers and angles, Tory translates like no other I have encountered.

I highly recommend you contact Tory and have her interpret the language, potentials and challenges that were laid down the moment of your birth. It is essential to understand yourself in this transitional world.  You are in very good hands.

She is now my #1 Astrologer and I will be choosing Tory to help me work through any future transits, and big decisions that I need external assistance with.”   Jodie Mitchell, NSW

” Hi Tory, I just wanted to say thank you so much for your time this morning ❤️. Your reading has given me so much clarity, and I feel like a massive weight has been lifted off my shoulders. ”  Joanna, NSW 

“I feel amazing after my reading Tory. My heart has never had so much say in my life. I can’t  thank you enough. ” Jess, Federal NSW

“The Planets are truly aligned when you have your Astrological chart deciphered and read by the lovely Tory of Active Stillness. She is precise, engaging, encouraging and radiates positivity, even in the face of adversity. Her interpretation of your Natal chart leaves you in no doubt as to why you are here, what your purpose is, what may be holding you back from your true potential and how and when you can truly know yourself. Knowing your Astrological chart is a must do for those seeking conscious awareness and self-evolution.”   Deirdre K, Melbourne

“I had the pleasure of having my birth chart read by Tory last month. I didn’t know anything about astrology but have always been interested so decided to give it a go thanks to her generous offer at the time. As soon as the call started I felt like Tory knew me, purely based on her thorough understanding of what was going on at the time of my birth and how that has influenced my behaviours and tendencies throughout my life. I found it reassuring to have some clarity on what I can do to nurture myself so that I can nurture others in my personal and professional life. It was obvious Tory is passionate about what she does and I highly recommend booking a session with her. Thanks Tory!”  E. Boettcher, Melbourne

“Many Blessings to you and for your empowering, valuable work. You are a light source on mother earth.”  Annon – Melbourne 

“I do not consider myself a novice in personal development as in 1980 my husband & I founded Trinity Healing Centre & The London Institute of Rebirthing in England & co-founded The Australian Institute of Rebirthing.

My session with Tory was not only insightful, but profound, sad & at times had comic relief. My experience felt like a gentle induction esp. with Tory”s soothing voice & the symbols & images that arose reminded me of Gestalt therapy.
The day after my session:
The 9 mths. of daily acute coughing ceased.
The constant feeling of overwhelm subsided
The state of ongoing worry turned into ” Does it really matter, in the bigger picture?”
My sense of being disconnected has reconnected as I felt myself click back into place during my reading.
Memories emerged that I never experienced in my 30+ yrs. of transpersonal work.

I’m certain this is because of the trust level I had with Tory not only because of her skills but also because she carries humility & integrity in her work.
I am profoundly grateful for my experience.”  Cynthia – Melbourne 

“I can’t thank you enough for the work you have done.You are a truly gifted and special healer and I’m so glad I found you, to guide me in your sessions to see so much from a different perspective. The work you do is really profound – Thank you from the bottom of my heart. ”  Annon – Byron Bay

Tory has the amazing ability to make you feel better just by talking to her. Her tremendous knowledge and genuine interest made me feel so relaxed when I first met her. I cannot recommend a reading with Tory highly enough. She is a true healer and I feel blessed for our paths to have met. Keep up the fantastic work! Paola

“I would highly recommend a session with Tory. I have never felt more in tune and energised before. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to re connect with my soul – God bless you woman.”   Anonymous

” Hi Tory, I just wanted to say thank you for our session today. You are so kind, gentle and loving. I have felt so good about myself after seeing you today. I really wanted to express my gratitude” Anonymous

“I first met Victoria in February on holidays and I can only say my world has changed for the better! I initially did 2 sessions in person and have since done long distance energy healing sessions with the exact same amazing guidance, feeling safe and healing in the comfort of your own home. These sessions are the true meaning of self love activities and everyone needs a Tory in their life ❤️  If your reading this take the first step! You won’t regret it!”  Ashley 

“Victoria has an amazing intuitive ability to discover what the body needs – even via phone. I have felt so different since our session. I highly recommend her treatment. It is a gift to yourself that will leave you feeling healed and renewed.” J. Montrose 

“Tory is a totally “awesome” woman, with insight which never ceases to astound me. I love her for her beautiful open heart  and her ability to heal at a level words cannot do justice to.” Gill 

““I turned to Tory 3 years ago when I found myself crippled and unable to work with a chronic illness. I was struggling with accepting my new existence and felt like a burden on my family and friends.  Through energy reading and guided meditation, Tory introduced me to a  new perspective and undoubtedly changed the course of my life.

One of the themes we worked on was the concept of not carrying the illness around like a rock, and that by ridding my self of this burden I would be left with space for self love.
This space became known to us as ‘the glow’.

I then set about feeding the glow rather than worshiping the rock. This has been so profound that it has inspired me to start my own small business as a parenting mentor and named it GLOW Parenting. GLOW represents Guidance Love Ownership Well-being – all things that she has allowed me to do for myself and I am now sharing this insight with others.“  Paula 

I would like to highly recommend Tory to anyone looking to find stillness. Tory is overly warm and understanding and gave me so much more then I had ever imagined I would get from a session with her. N. Torti 

“I wanted to thank you for the magnificent work you did with me prior to my operation.   It was precisely what I needed to remove negative energy, calm me, and give me balance before major surgery.   The positive colour visualization you taught me proved absolutely invaluable.   It was very powerful and I used it continually throughout the lengthy recovery period.  Thanks for your excellent care I am in no doubt that it greatly aided my recovery”.   D. Vermeeren

“I first met Victoria in Melbourne about 12 months ago when I was grieving the passing of my mother. As soon as I laid eyes on Tory she gave me a big smile and made me feel so welcome and at ease, she was able to really intuit what it was that I needed, even if I didn’t realise it at the time. Tory is a genuinely beautiful, empathetic and knowledgeable woman. She always provides unconditional positive regard no matter what crazy things might come up. By the time she relocated to Nth NSW a few months ago I was seeing her fortnightly and felt like she was family. I now travel to Bangalow to see her when I am in Byron Bay. It would be no secret to her that I have been skeptical at times, but it works, she is a true healer.”      T. Walton

” Victoria is without a doubt the most dedicated, genuine and amazing healer I have ever met. I always feel UPLIFTED and IN TUNE after a session with Tory. Meeting her has allowed me to listen to my body and understand the messages it was trying to give me. I cannot recommend a session with Tory highly enough! Thank you for everything Tory 🌸” P. Feretti 

Tory was my 2016 “miracle” who came into my life to help me heal the trauma of the sudden loss of my husband. I cannot put into words the depth of love and soul connection I felt from the first second we met. So many shared “wow moments” in just 3 sessions…all different, but each so amazingly communicated and understood. This beautiful woman warms my heart and uplifts my soul. I can’t wait to book my first 2017 session with Tory very soon and to continue to embrace my life’s journey with her beside me. Tory is beautiful, insightful and gentle beyond words and I am so grateful for her friendship in the true essence of “sisterhood”. G. Perkins

“Dear Tory, after a traumatic year for our family in 2016, your inspiring and warm healing gifts have reset my mind and body for long-lasting calm and peace. Thank you for sharing your talent. I love your energetic healing sessions, they are life-changing. I’m so grateful I have met you and can continue to learn from you. Thank you! ”  Emma

“I highly recommend an energy healing session with Tory.  I have been seeing her for nearly six months now and have achieved so much in that time.  She provides a safe and caring environment for you to go “within yourself” in a way you may have never done before.  She utilises her incredible array of beautiful crystals, kinesiology skills and medical intuition to help you find the answers within you.   Whether you are trying to break old negative thought patterns or behaviours, relieve physical dis-ease or achieve a goal that may seem unattainable; Tory can help you find what is holding you back.  She will bring a level of awareness and understanding to things that you may never have thought possible.  Sometimes we are the ones holding ourselves back, often without even realising it.

Personally, Tory has helped me understand life long patterns that were causing me emotional and physical dis-ease.  I have had many “lightbulb” moments during my sessions where Tory has assisted me to understand why I was doing certain things and how outdated and decades old thought processes were being repeated over and over again without question.   Suddenly I understood what was holding me back and that awareness has given me the opportunity to change my thoughts and actions so that they better reflect who I am not now, not the person I used to be.”    Kelly – Brighton 

I had never undertaken an energy healing session before so gave in to curiosity and booked in with Tory. It was AMAZING!!! A feeling of transcendence and wisdom has radiated from me ever since, like unknowingly I’ve always known what Tory revealed but she helped unlock it for me.

This sense of peace and calm continues to wave over me weeks after my session, which has me looking forward to doing it again.

Tory is an amazing therapist, truly a gift.”  Steph x