Every Event and offering created and expressed through Active Stillness, focuses on Empowerment, Inclusion, Authenticity and Intimacy.

No in person event is larger than 25 women. The subtle simplicity of smaller groups, offers profound power and is a way in which Tory chooses to facilitate. For it is the close vulnerability between women, where true inner magic unfolds.

Quality, Reverence, Time and Personability are the cornerstone intentions behind each event.

Joy, Self Transformation, Inspiration and Knowledge are the desired outcomes.

Learn the Basics of Astrology – Online

Tory has created a 3 part video series, discussing and sharing the fundamentals of Astrology –

The Houses, The Signs and The Planets.

Each video is approx. 50 mins long as is presented with a slide show and multiple handouts to appeal to all learning styles. The intention behind this offering is to empower viewers, with the knowledge to gain a basic understanding of the energies in their own chart.

To purchase this video series ($90) or for more information, please contact Tory here

Excellent videos Tory, Fascinating!! Clear, concise and very well presented. ” K. E

Soften into Summer – Sunday 3rd December 2023

An invitation to an afternoon of cleansing Qigong guidance, followed by an uplifting and nourishing joyful meditation. 

Gift yourself 2 hours of self care where together, we will gently move through nourishing seasonal Qi Gong flows, to enliven and support our meridians and comfort our Heart Qi for Summer.

We will honour our being as it transitions into the most Yang time of year, through movement, visualisation and awareness.  

Men and Women Welcome with just 20 places available.

For more information and to book tickets –

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