Active Guidance – 1:1

Active Guidance is a mentoring program that is lovingly tailored to the personal development of the client.

While there is a loose umbrella focus each session, the way in which we use our time together will be directed by the individuals needs, desires and circumstance and is always open to fluid change.

” I decided to create this program after many years of offering various modalities to uplift and nourish those seeking to become the truest version of themselves.
To me, life is an ongoing evolution of our soul, a journey of lessons and learnings. Some of which are joyful, others painful and many simply intriguing and often confusing.
The key to navigating our path, is having the right support and heart-based tools to guide and nourish, as we weave our way into deeper levels of self understanding.”

 Who is this Active Guidance for?
~ wanting to enhance their own intuitive sense and insight
~ ready to transform their vibration and live their life with joy and purpose
~ seeking to come to truly know and honour themselves on a deep level
~ feeling to expand their spiritual tool kit
~ ready to move into a space of inner trust and unconditional self-love
~ feeling to balance the five elements in their being as well as their life. 
Some sessions may involve further home exploration, so a commitment to honour ‘the space in-between’ our sessions is encouraged.

What you will receive:

~ 5 x 90 min personalised guidance sessions, spread over roughly 2.5 months (one session every 2 weeks).
Each meeting will be centred around one element (Earth, Metal, Water, Wood & Fire) and how to harness and nurture this part of yourself from the inside out.

For example, for the water element session, our focus will be to transform fear into gentleness and tranquillity – either in your physical being, your environment, your approach/attitude or perhaps if necessary, all facets of your life.


What modalities will be offered:

Tools I have gathered, learnt and used professionally over the past 22 years are what we will draw on to support your unique path. These may include:

 – Astrology
Energy movement
QiGong forms
Crystal Healing
Plant  & herbal medicine
Spiritual Guidance
Sound vibrations 

 Throughout the program my intention will be to:

  * To awaken you to your highest potential and frequency through self-inquiry and a re-remembrance of your truest self.
* To be a stable, constant, ally in your life as you choose to work on yourself.  
* To encourage and stimulate self-healing
* To provide guidance, support, encouragement and tools to enable you to become the best version of self
* To support you on your path of soul evolution
* To offer personal empowerment for spiritual growth
* To balance the 5 elements within
* To honour your pace of comfort & respect your boundaries. 
* To bring you home to yourself and your dynamic sparkle

If joining this program is creating a full body ‘YES’ response in you and  nourishes what you are seeking in life right now, please get in touch to apply.

I invite you to write a short blurb as to what you are personally seeking and what you hope to get out of our time together.  It is so important we are aligned and a good fit for each other before moving forward.

From there, more details will be shared and a tailored offering, aligned with your intentions, will be prepared and created. Then, the magic begins 💫