” In preparation for a reading, I choose to spend approx. 2 hours interpreting and feeling into the energies of a chart. In my view, the chart is a sacred soul map, carrying incredible insight and wisdom.

In order to give any chart the respect it requires, delving deep into the varying layers and symbolism it offers, requires time and commitment. 

It is my intention to treat every client, chart and session with the utmost attentiveness and integrity. ” 


Visit online booking : 


Phone: 0413 136 602

Availability : Appointments can be booked Tuesday – Friday.  For those who work full time, Tory offers the occasional Saturday – please get in touch directly to inquire. 

For those who are interstate/international or prefer to have sessions from the privacy of your own home, Tory also offers consultations via distance using Skype.

Please note, you will contacted for a 50% deposit at the time of your booking. 


Gift Vouchers Available – please email to inquire


* 2hr Astrology Birth / Natal Chart Reading – $210

How is your unique soul map guiding you to evolve and live your purpose this lifetime?

What is your unique energetic blueprint?

A deep exploration into all things Astrology and you – your gifts & talents, challenges and learnings. Past life experiences and future path forward.

Become empowered to live your most fulfilling and aligned life path, by knowing yourself and your cosmic contract on a deep and uplifting level.

* 2hr Astrology Forecast Reading – $230

What lies in the planets teachings for you personally, in the year ahead?

How are the planets, as they currently move through the sky, triggering, awakening and aligning with your unique birth chart?

Looking at two different charts – Transits / Progressions  – An in-depth and personalised interpretation & reading of what is being highlighted for you at this time and in the 12 months ahead.

(This session can only be booked if you have previously had a Natal Chart Reading with Tory)