Active Stillness….An inclusive space where you are given the opportunity to take some time for self evolution, reflection & connection.

Victoria Breheny offers personalised Evolutionary Astrology readings & QiGong guidance in the Byron Bay Hinterland.

Victoria (or Tory as know by her clients ) has a natural, highly sensitive and intuitive ability to read energy and connect wholeheartedly and warmly in every reading or event she offers.

“Astrology is a language of symbols, numbers and angles, Tory translates like no other I have encountered. Her astrology knowledge is outstanding, the application is deeply personal each time, and when she digs down to the roots of the situation to explain and decipher the symbols on your chart, you will be amazed.” J. Mitchell

” My intention as a practitioner, lies in empowerment. Cultivating and uncovering within my clients, a true, inner understanding. Supporting them to return to the truest core essence of themselves and why they are here. To help guide them to understand their cosmic contract. 

Bowing the intelligence of the mind to the true knowing of the heart and soul.

I see myself as a valuable and gentle guide in my client’s life; a person who offers warmth, inspiration, wisdom and kindness, to promote healing, transformation and insight on a deep level. “

‘ Each of us has a seed within us that knows what will help the world grow.

We don’t need to do anything elaborate to let it sprout; we just have to come home to ourselves. ‘

A. Suler 

A little about Tory…

Tory is a qualified, dedicated, kind and enthusiastic practitioner.

It is her curiosity and unquenchable thirst for all things spiritual, magical and natural, that has led her to achieve a diverse and varied education. A lifelong learner, she currently holds – 

  • Bachelor of Health science in Naturopathy,
  • Advanced Diplomas in both Nutrition and Herbal Medicine
  • Certificate in Astrology
  • Teacher Training qualifications in QiGong – with ongoing development and mentorship.
  • Post graduate studies in Reiki, Native American Healing techniques, Medical Intuition and Kinesiology.

Tory is also a published author of the much loved children’s book ‘The Incredible Edible Garden.’